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11th Sept 2022

NOTE: During a reply to an email concerning the Russians winning the Ukrane War, my Spirit Friends asked for this correction to the previous post: 24th-26th August 2022: Russia-Ukraine:

Russia will win the Ukraine war.

The correction: Russia will win it’s intended goal of certain parts of the Ukraine. It never intended to take all of Ukraine, just the southers parts. The rest was a distraction.

11th Sept 2022


The newly crowned King Charles III will have a hard time and a short reign as monarch. 

His wish for a smaller monarchy with an underlying hint of “British Royals for Britain” will be thwarted by the influential powerful and silent majority.

Too many in the ‘Inner Circle’ are opposing his Reign, including the Masonic Lodge, Piers, Lords, high level public servants and the current conservative Government.

They have already started plotting against him privately.

Members of the new King’s own family, especially Prince Andrew, will also oppose his intended changes to down size his team of Royal Family members.

I clearly heard, in my mind and with the imagery of Prince Andrew: “Charles is not the King mother wanted.”

Prince William is the popular choice within the opposers of King Charles III, and assuming he, the Prince, stays ‘loyal to the cause’ the move won’t be mad till at least the middle of next year 2023.

In separate Messages from my Spirit Friends:

Prince William wants the job but respects his father and is willing to wait. He gets put in a compromising situation.

Prince Harry is more supportive of his farther, but can see it is in his and Megan’s best interest to keep a low profile.

Harry will align strongly with his father after Charles is toppled.

Prince Edward has no interest in the Royal scuffle, leaving it upto his older brothers, and others, to sort out.

Princess Anne will be seen as playing games behind the scene leaving everyone else unsure of where she truly stands.


There are currently 15 Commonwealth realms with King Charles III as their Head of State. Of these my Spirit Friends see the following becoming independent of the Commomwealth and Monarchal rule within the next five years. That is, they will change from having the British King as their Head of State to a choosing of their own.

AUSTRALIA: Overwhelming yes to an Independent Head Of State.

At the same time as the referendum is called for the change to the constitution on Aboriginal representation to Australia’s Parliament, Australia will be asked directly if she wants a Republic or a continuance of the same.

BAHAMAS: My Spirit Friends say there is too much uncertainty concerning the future direction of the Bahamas to make a clear call. Past the five years, yes she will become independent of the Commonwealth.

CANADA: Very much like Australia, Canada has it’s own governing Parliament, with King Charles now Head of State. That will change in the next five years.

JAMAICA: Factions are building in Jamaica to have an independent head of state, however it’s too hard to tell if it will be within the next five years. They will definitely change within the next ten years.

NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand, like Australia, has been waiting for the passing of the Queen so as to put a referendum to their people. The referendum will vote for a change to the current Head of State status and will pass.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA: There is uncertainty amongst my Spirit Team as to whether PNG will become independent of the British Head of State. Tribal factions will take time to be convinced on any change. No time frame seems available just yet.

SOLOMON ISLANDS AND TUVALU: The status quo seems to be the order for the next five years, although an event in two years time could change that. My Spirit Friends could not clarify what that event may be as yet.

24th-26th August 2022:


Russia will win the Ukraine war. She won’t expand her aggression beyond that to other countries.


Savagely replaced. Dugina’s daughter’s killing a move too far. It is his undoing. Not this year.

Russia-US Disclosures:

Up coming enquiry-including Muller Report Revisited-reveals scandals of corruption, sabotage and espionage that shocks both the US and Russian people.

Russia: A civil war will topple the oligarchy. Major blood letting. ICC involvement.

(Russia, like US and China are not signatories to the ICC so not sure what that means.) 


Will win second term in this November’s general election.

He will not become President.

There will be fallout against him from recent Mar-a-Largo raid.

Mitch McConnell:

His wife’s bad timing will be his undoing. She should have kept her mouth shut.

Lindsay Graham:

Election fraud probe breaks new ground. Disclosures expose large scale criminal activity.

Trump has now been stripped bare.

Rudi Giuliani:

He will be found guilty on multiple charges relating to more than just his role in the Jan 6th invasion of Congress. Separate judicial undertakings will mean further action will be taken against him in his roll as Trump’s attorney.

Donald Trump:

First American President to be jailed on multiple charges, including violation of the espionage act and illegal dealings with foreign countries.


Heart matter. (Either physical heart problem or his heart is no longer in it. Not sure) He won’t commence second term.

Kamala Harris:

Steps in as Acting President. Unknown as to how long. Too many variables at that time for accurate predictability.

Elizabeth Warren:

Anger after result of mid term, she will make changes. Possibly new party formation. Surprising attraction of high profile Democrats including a past President. 

Barack Obama:

High Court Judge appointment. Elizabeth Warren’s supporter President.


China will reclaim Taiwan under a new mutual agreement yet to be determined, but not within the next ten to fifteen years.

10th August 2022:

Ivana Trump’s coffin will be exhumed. Discovery of incriminating sound/video/phones links and documents including illegal financial dealings, Russian connections and much more.

20th July 2022:

CORRECTION: 25-8-’22: Pete Buttigieg will be an American President, not necessarily the next President.

10th August 2022:

Ivana Trump’s coffin will be exhumed. Discovery of incriminating sound/video/phones links and documents including illegal financial dealings, Russian connections and much more.

20th July 2022:

Pete Buttigieg will be America’s next President

30th June 2022:

Clarity (1): The monkey pox is not the New Virus previously mentioned but another, and separate, entity to be dealt with.

Clarity (2): The US mid term election will be questioned with claim after claim of voting irregularities. Current prediction is Democrats will hold House with the Republicans claiming the Senate being questioned.

This election is so uncertain that even my Spirit Friends are changing their minds. The majority of voters certainly will go in favour of both house of Congress, but that isn’t necessarily how the ‘cards’ will fall.

Corona Variants In The Northern Hemisphere: Poverty, expensive medic services and severe weather will all add to a serious increase in the different known variants of the Covid pandemic in North America. Long Covid will be seen as far more serious that first thought. WHO calls for a more serious approach to the current American attitude.

Muller Enquiry Revisited: Russian connection to Trump will finally be revealed. Legal means will be given to revisit Muller Enquiry.

Justice Department Opens Pandora’s Box To Trump: Court action against Trump will see deals being done for those in the know. Reduced sentences for know associates will unlock a dam of information against him.

2023: Much turmoil in the US. Politically, the truth is becoming a reality to those who have been in denial. Unions and groups forming to combat unfairness bring instability to some quarters.

Previous predictions of serious collapses in the world economy, especially in the US,

start to become serious.

2024: Not a comfortable year for the US. Growing pains from the past Piscean Age into the new Aquarian Age see more and more open and hostile scenarios, in all areas of American lives. Finance, health and political accusations will be in the forefront. Neither of the political parties will come out of this unscathed.

31st May 2022:

A Russian mistake causes the release of deadly air born toxins that spreads far further that was thought possible. High wind shifts causes very serious concerns right across the northern hemisphere and some areas in the southern hemisphere.

Previously my interpretation of my Spirit Friends flash of information back in April/May: “missile hits chemical storage.” I’ve been waiting for clarity before posting it here now.

Australia’s PM Anthony Albanese will tighten and strengthen the South East Asian region with an undeclared threat that neither the US or China’s animosity towards each other will be welcomed here.

29th May 2022:

China is not the threat the world is claiming it is. The US is. America’s debt is out of control and her only way of getting back on top has always been to create a war.

China won’t bite and the US will be declared the aggressor.

23rd May 2022:

Major Reforms Coming For The Murdoch Stables:

As the world is turning away from the extremists on the right, Murdoch is also planning a different direction for his empire. He will be selling up large interests in companies that no longer support that ideology.

Major Reforms Also Coming For The US:

As a result of the outcome of the up coming public hearings concerning Jan 6 Capitol attack last year, and the recent gun massacre at the Texas school, some form of Constitutional Reform will be instigated that will alter the US Constitution as it stands now.

21st May 2022:

New Virus:

Just for clarity, my Spirit Friends have not said that the new virus would be necessarily Covid related, and They are now confirming that.

Monkey Pox: It is from this human to animal to human contact that the new virus will gain hold next year. It is savage and not controllable like the original one was.

17th May 2022:

Changes In Russia:

Putin removed, new leader, optimism both in Russia and the world re this, from 2025.

12th May 2022:

Australian Federal Election 21st May 2022:

Australian Labor Party’s Anthony Albanese (Albo) will win.

He will become a very popular PM because he shows he is more human than politician.

Liberal National Coalition’s Scott Morrison (ScoMo), and current PM, will loose badly.

He, and a number of ultra conservatives within his party, will be voted out to be replaces by more moderate members of the new Opposition.

10th May 2022:

This Is My Spirit Friends’ Latest On:

The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

1) Trump was deliberately fed false information by his advisers concerning Ukraine.

2) Trump fed that false information to Putin.

3)  Russian Ukrainians confirmed to Putin the false information that Ukraine’s defences were weak.

4) Deal struck by Putin that Trump would win second term and so Trump promised not to intervene in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

5) Putin convinced Russian Oligarchs Ukraine invasion over in a month.

6) Trump looses election. Blames Russia of double cross.

7) Putin, too committed to call invasion off, delays attack.

8) Oligarchs, believing Russian Ukrainians, Putin’s exaggeration of Russia’s strength and fear of Putin, confirm support for invasion. 

And The Mess That Follows

1) Ukraine defences far stronger than Russians anticipated.

2) Russian military far less disciplined than believed.

3) Oligarchs now between a rock and a hard place, continue supporting Putin.

4) Invasion going very bad for Russia with too much top of the line military equipment being destroyed.

5) Sanctions imposed on Russia. Russian media under Gov control.

6) Oligarch’s property seized, including luxury cruisers. They want out, but how?

7) Problem: For oligarchs to demand property returned means International court. Putin and Trump’s conspiracy would be exposed. Question then, how did they get the wealth in the first place. That puts them at the mercy of the Russian people.

8) Lobbying and deals behind closed doors: Who can be trusted.

9) Sacrifices made, pro Putin hardliners ‘removed’.

10) Putin, with most trusted bodyguards, leaves foyer of safe building. Stumbles and falls: ‘Et Tu Brutus’.

6th May 2022:

From August this year truth’s emerge re Trump and secret meetings and deals: 

Trump and Putin’s intentions with Ukraine.

Trump and NATO: The hounds can smell blood.

4th May 2022:

US Midterm elections: Accusations of deliberate rigging. Outrage and protests grow.

Roe V Wade: Severe unrest. Judges disunity. Protests in high places.

Call to high profile Democrat male to apply for next SCOTUS appointment.

Presidential Election: Both Biden and Harris to stand for re-election in 2024.

CORRECTION: (20th July 2022) Biden won’t stand for re-election.          

Historic Hackings: Russian hackers, posing as Chinese hackers have been attacking

Blogger’s web sites. The truth exposed soon.

3rd April 2022: Sad news. Assassination of middle age black American woman. She is a Democrat. Soon.

4th April 2022: Jimmy Carter. Well done good and faithful servant. Welcome home. Mid this year.

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