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    December 10, 2022 by

    FINANCIAL DISASTER 10th Dec 2022 The most recent Astrological predictions, now appearing on a number of reputable sites, has us warned of the upcoming Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Aquarius transits for 2023 through to 2026. They’re indicating a major revolution in the world’s economy is on it’s way, with the possibility of a… Read more


    December 3, 2022 by

    SQUALLS AND STORMS FOR 2023 AND ONWARD: 3rd Dec 2022 For many of my Blogs, especially when it comes to predictions, my Spirit Friend like me to visit various Astrological sites as a kind of trigger that lets Them know where ‘in the Astrological world’ we humans are currently. I have a very poor to… Read more

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  1. Hi Pete,
    I came across your website through Eric’s site and have been trying to get to speed with your posts on this blog and your old one. First, I’d like to extend my gratitude for having shared the information and experiences you have. Secondly, of course, I have many questions, and since I have not finished reading the entirety of your old blog, please forgive me if my questions have been asked before.

    1.) I have recently started the method of three fives meditation. I wanted to ask why three fives is recommended? I feel I may need more tries to bring myself to peace sometimes. Can I do it more intensely?

    2.) I have been taught that you are made up of 3 bodies: your physical body, your “subtle” body (presumably your ghost) and your “actions” body, and deep in the latter, the creator resides. When you die, I think only the last body is maintained and it is that which is reincarnated. So when you are reborn, you may have certain habits that you would’ve done in previous lives, be them bad or good. So I have been told that even if you don’t reach a saintly level this life, one ought to develop the correct habits to progress in the next life. But I’m not entirely sure if this completely reconciles with Split Soul Theory, given that your complete aspects would have been absorbed away? Or have I misinterpreted something about either theories?

    3.) This is a bit more of a philosophical question, and when I ask people, and they have no answer, it drives me nuts. If the Creator is indeed all powerful, why did he create this universe, and fashion it the way he has? I suppose the question really is, how does the Creator “choose”? It also freaks me out to contemplate that nothing lies outside the creator or his creation. From what I understand, the Creator is eternal, and exists outside time. I suppose its because I can’t grasp the essence of something being without time that disturbs me?

    4.) In many religions and cultures around the world, people worship gods. In a lot of cultures, there seems to be quite a lot of similarity between them, despite a seeming cultural disconnect. What are gods? Are they just very high level guidance, do they exist, or are they something else entirely?

    5.) When you reach a certain level, does all knowledge become apparent to you? I suppose I ask because the Guides you communicate have access to knowledge like the future. Another example is, famous mathematician Ramanujan used to claim “The Goddess” placed equations on his tongue to solve incredibly difficult problems without a step by step working out. Assuming that what he says is true, and referring to some sort of guidance, does that mean certain Guides understand all realms of physical and spiritual knowledge?

    6.) Leading on from the previous question, I wanted to ask why are guides on different levels? Does that mean they too, have progress to make? And if so, shouldn’t they have reincarnated into the human world instead of acting as guides?

    7.) I was watching an interesting documentary a while back, about a tai chi master from china. He claims that he has reached a high level through Tai Chi alone and more interestingly, that he has developed certain abilities too, and certain masters of the past have too. I don’t think he believes in a God necessarily, but his character seems impeccable. I was also thinking Tai Chi method in his manner may exercise the mind in a similar method to the Three Fives Method. My question is, is it possible to develop other abilities other than psychic ones? Secondly, is it even possible for someone to reach a high state without any belief in god, and on character alone? ( is the link if you are curious, bear in mind, it is an hour long)

    8) Though theoretical questions like those are interesting, I probably ought to ask more questions about my own development. I generally feel like I am a conflicted person, and it is frustrating. I feel like I know what is correct in my eyes, but I am not always strong enough to prevent wrong decisions, especially when the obvious wrong choice is persistent. When I feel like I gather momentum to try and develop myself, those wings stop flapping after time, either because the necessities of life get in the way, or things like doubt, or just in trying to keep your closest happy and avoiding conflict. How do I gain the strength and consistency to strive to develop myself, rather than let myself get wrapped up in everything else?

    I apologise for so many questions, and if my apology is not accepted, then I will take it as licence to ask more. Again, I am very grateful for the wisdom on your blogs and any advice you could give. Thanks!


    1. Hi World Peace Alliance. I don’t have anything from my Spirit Friends relating to any money systems, other than the world is overdue for a huge financial crash. In fact the crash has been due from 2010. My Spirit Friends say our financial system, world wide, is without backing and eventually the collapes will be the end of the financial system we now know.
      If I get anything on bitcon, or more on finances generally, I’ll put it up at my Predictions page.
      Thanks you for your interest in my work. Pete


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