Pete: Thank you so much for the relevant information relating to the Age ahead in previous Blogs. Obviously there will be periods of contentment as well as that of which you speak I assume?

SF: Yes of course. As we said, we were giving an overall coverage of the Age ahead, consisting in excess of 2,000 years. However, as we stated previously, the first major area of concern will be the crumbling of the world economy, which has already started, but those that know are not telling for fear of a run on the Banks and financial establishments. Revelations concerning skulduggery, criminal activities and conspiracy within the world’s financiers, bankers and economists, as early as December this year, will snowball into a full on financial crisis. The economic world, and the world generally, has never recovered from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis or GFC. For the past ten years the world economy has limped from serious to very serious, thanks to Donald Trump’s tariffs, their effect on European manufacturers, the British Brexit disaster with it’s destabilising effect and the on going trade war with China.

Pete: The US Presidential Election will be at the end of 2020, next year. Assuming that will bring the election of a new President, won’t the change of Government bring a lessening of the crisis? Won’t the new administration move quickly to make changes that will bring, at least respite and possibly short term stability to the US economy?

SF: It doesn’t matter who is President, the damage will take a very long time to sort out. The illegal dealings, contracts, ‘buddy deals’ that would send anyone off to prison for a number of life sentences, will be held up in court proceedings, similar to the tobacco and other long winded court cases of the past. This will riles the populous, on both sides of the political agenda, with the left calling for blood and the right claiming it’s a conspiracy, resulting in citizens spilling out into the streets and with a form of civil war inevitable.

Pete: So do we know who will be the American President? Earlier this year You indicated it would be a woman and Elizabeth Warren seemed the strongest possibilities of the contenders then. Is that still the case?

SF: At the time we mentioned three candidates of which Elizabeth Warren was the strongest. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris were the other two. Now however, the election is very difficult to call because there is so much upheaval in the American political scene coming between now and the actual election, starting from the end of this month of September. Inclusive in all of these disclosures will be investigative media reports, House Committee revelations and court dramas concerning Trump’s Administration. And then, after December this year, will come news concerning Trump’s health, and in particular, the possibility he has early stages of a serious disease such as Parkinson’s or similar.

Yet we still see the President as a Democrat and a woman, with Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren the front runners, and Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden slipping down the list as the heat increases.

Pete: We now know, thanks to the Mueller Report, that there was skulduggery going on behind the scenes prior to, and inclusive of, the 2016 Presidential Election, and even now, Mueller claims that Russia is actively involved in controlling the current US election. Will it be a fair and honest election?

SF: This is why We’re having difficulty defining the outcome. As we said, from the end of this month and on into next year, there will be a whole lot of disclosures concerning bribery, corruption and interference in the electoral process that will seriously sway the voter outcome. By the middle of next year we hope to have a better prediction for you and your readers.

We can say that the damage done by all concerned in the current Administration over the past two years will destroy the US as a nation.

Pete: So can this be changed? Can Spirit intervene to prevent, or in some way, lessen the pain and suffering that You’re predicting? Would it help if we were to meditate, pray, create collective energy to ask for intervention of the Creator?

SF: You, We, all creation is the Creator. Thoughts and prayers to an icon to prevent what the very prayers are creating, can’t change anything. There is no external omni power. As Paul the Apostle explained it, a person is a whole entity, but with millions of necessary parts to make it one. So it is with the Creator. Everything seen and unseen is ‘The Persona’ of the Creator. The Creator is It’s own Creation. Every living aspect of this Creation, is the Creator expanded.

So using the analogy of a person as a whole entity, if the person’s mouth accepts poison, it can’t blame the internal organs for accepting and digesting it. Nor can the rest of the body ‘pray and beseech the heart’ to prevent the poison moving through the entire body. So it is with praying to the Creator. We are not here to gain help from the Creator, We all, those of Us here in Spirit and those of you in the physical plain, are here to expand and manifest that which is the Creator.

This was the last of the information from Spirit dated: Sat 25th August 2019 5.30pm

Next week will be another question and answer session and then a new feed from Spirit should follow in the Blog after that.

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  1. Destroying the USA as a nation sounds very drastic, and makes it a very short lived nation, too. 2019 minus 1783 = 236 years old. Why is the dream of the Founders, which seems good, so brief. I still think there are enough decent people here to turn it around.


  2. Hello dreherdd. The world as we know it is now controlled by the US and US policies. It won’t just be the US undergoing dramatic changes but all nations, inclusive of my own here in Australia.
    And it won’t be a case of total destruction but rather a rebuilding to suit this New Age. Pete


      1. As I indicated at the beginning of the Sat 25th August 2019 5.30pm Spiritual Feeds, the following Blogs were a continuum, with the exception of the answer to Patty’s question. Taken holistically, the details are far reaching and encompass all nations in the world. Pete


  3. NOTE: “There is so much upheaval in the American political scene coming between now and the actual election, starting from the end of this month of September.” Spirit Friends.
    Today 24/25th September Nancy Pelosi announces official impeachment enquiry into Donald Trump. Pete


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