“Why do you psychics all support liberal humanists?”

Its true that most psychics, Astrologers and mediums generally tend to present messages from their various sources that are not conducive to the conservative perspective. Is that because there is a bias in Spirit?

The basic difference between the ‘left’ and ‘right’ of politics is one side considers all people, irrespective of colour, creed, or environment into which they are born, as a brotherhood/sisterhood. The other side views those less fortunate as lazy and deliberately destructive of a system well established that even they don’t fully comprehend.

One is inclined to reason and rationalise while the other tends to follow without question.

Not every person left of the spectrum is necessarily a reasoning and rationalising person any more than a person on the right is unintelligent.

When we are born into this world and for the first few years of our lives, we are animated in a way that has not, and could not, have come from our parent’s teaching. Too often children in that age group stun their parents and friends with antics that they were never shown.

Then comes preschool/education where it is assumed we are all dummies in need of ‘education’ in order to survive.

In actual fact, education dumbs down the natural aspects of our intelligence in order that we are open to what ‘the system’ teaches.

Those that fail this ‘system’ are relegated to the stupid/unintelligent/useless category, not by direct action of any authority, but by who is considered acceptable to the work ethic and corporate controlled job generators.

Then there is the other ‘educator’ that is never taught in the class room, but out in the play ground. This is where the aggressive future business executives get their grounding. This is the school for the bully. The school where the innocent are intimidated and are aggressed to the point of retaliation. Inevitably this confrontation draws in an audience and eventually a supervisor or school representative intervenes. The aim of the bully is to become a victim, to hone his or her skills of excuses so that ‘wrong’ becomes ‘right’, where ‘guilty’ becomes ‘victim’, and true victim becomes fodder for that particular class room.

School authorities NEVER want to dig for the truth, primarily because some of them have been bullies themselves.

And so what happens to the bully? Currently the entire US Senate and US White House are controlled by the bullies and their supporters.

And what of the weak and mild who never ever got over the lack of guidance and support they truly needed to support our society as they surely would have had they been guided?

I was born the eldest of nine children to poor parents. I petrified my dad with my knowledge (my early psychic gift showing itself) and took serious beating from him for it.

I had a total lack of self esteem and self worth and then I was sent to school.

School was a total waste of my parent’s, the school’s, the education system’s and my time. I left school two years short of my fifteenth birthday. I worked at whatever jobs I could find and have done no further education since then.

So I ask you, assuming I’m telling the truth and which I adamantly claim, where did my English, spelling and grammar come from?  

My complete lack of self worth still holds me back at the ripe old age of seventy three, even after having shown more than enough others the talents and abilities I brought over with me into this particular life. My song writing, guitar playing, poetry, and communicational skills, even in the most difficult of situations, are there for all to see. All, that is, except me. I still look for someone else to promote and encourage me, yet I still get it done.

Glen Campbell, of “Rhinestone Cowboy” fame was a brilliant guitarist, singer and songwriter. He couldn’t read a word of music. It just came to him.

Paul McCartney as stated on the public record that a number of his songs came to him in dreams, such as his very beautiful “Yesterday”.

So what has this got to do with the question above that is posed to me on a regular basis?

Not all who failed school drained our society’s wealth and resources, and not all who achieved academic credibility stayed locked into the conditioning of their education.

Not all who left schooling at an early age lived their lives living from part time menial jobs, jumping from unemployment support to unemployment support.

Not all academically qualified scientists dismiss the opinion of the radicals.

When we decide to think for ourselves with an open mind and an open heart that embraces all of humanity, inclusive of how we can ‘feed the masses’ is when the Power of Truth infiltrates us and Guides us on that particular path.

And this is what the New Age is about to present to us, both as a challenge and as an alternative. Are you ready for this confronting alternative?

“Why do you psychics all support liberal humanists?” Because followers of the Truth know it is True and that It can’t lie.

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