This week has been a hectic one for me as I finished off an extension to my very humble abode.

Though I still have quite a bit of backup Blogs, they need editing first. So this week I’m taking an excerpt from a particular Blogger that I have admirable regard for.

His name is Leo Knighton Tallarico and he has an excellent weekly Astrological Blog called Perspective From The Sky. I highly recommend you visit his site for the full Blog. This was some of what he posted a few weeks ago. Pete

Shifting Tides and Astrology Forecast October 11-17.

The decay of the USA is showing its self happening inside our borders with a most obvious now Culture War, with some issues still unresolved from the USA Civil War almost 150 years.

And that decay also shows it’s self by what will come to us from the outside- countries getting ready for the breakdown of USA economy and culture.

And what is really sad to me, is that most of the values from the USA at its inception, which were so connected with the “heavenly realm” of values, are not so easily detected now.

As stated in the USA Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights, there are stated values of Equality, Diversity Within Unity, Care for those weary souls in suffering, and power “of the people, for the people, and by the people”.

That last part was meant to exclude leaders who would seek power over the people, like Royalty or Despots or corrupt leaders in any way.

But those heavenly values often collided in the beginning with materialistic and financial concerns, and that conflict is still very threatening now.

Remember that the actual Civil War with Abraham Lincoln, also had at its roots materialistic concerns that involved owning slaves who were not paid for working the fields. That saved owners much money.

I hope it does seem that I am demonizing material values and concerns. We need to address that matter by setting up systems that are aligned with those aforementioned “heavenly” values.

Spirit by itself is not grounded in Earthly customs and ways of being. It needs the reality of humans living on Earth.

But “Earthly” ways also need to work with heavenly values of fairness, justice, compassion, higher Truth, higher Love, and equality between all its citizens.

Spirit becomes embodied in Matter, which makes for manifestation of higher values within systems, institutions, families, etc. Spirit brings the energy and purpose. Material values are meant to support spirit, not control or dominate it.

So now as we are getting more deeply connected with the changing of Ages, Pisces into Age of Aquarius; yet we are also experiencing great difficulty in large part because we need to reintegrate those Higher Values into our individual and collective Consciousness.

And we need to release old values and ways from an old Age, including the belief some people are inherently superior and deserve more as a result. Aristocrats actually believe, as Trump has “matter of fact” stated, that some have better genes, like his family. Adolf would be quite proud.


Q. I was surprised at the answer relating to Allen’s question concerning prayer. A lot of people turn to prayer when things go wrong, particularly in matters of health or in (some) psychic circles where they send prayers and healing.

(Pete: For those that may not have seen the particular question:

Allen’s Question 2: Can higher spirits realm entities intercede in human affairs if and when enough people ask them to do so?

Spirit Friends: On the face value of your question, (which can be read in many ways) will prayer change anything, the direct answer is no. You see, most of the ‘interventions’ people request is because of cause and effect relating to what the collective have chosen and which is opposed to the Creator’s Will. If the majority had been following the Creator’s Will, the need for intervention would not be necessary.) 

Spirit Friends:

We were answering specifically to Allen’s question, not to prayer in general.

His question related as to whether world or major events can be changed by collective prayer if enough people ask for intercession.

The inference most people have is that We can change actions after the world’s decision or intention has gone wrong. Prayer, therefore, is considered as an afterthought, or a ‘closing the gate after the horse has bolted’.

What We are suggesting is that prayer be offered BEFORE the gate is left open. In other worlds, praying before an event, especially in the form of meditation, means Spirit Friends can show up the areas that need attention to an individual. This especially is the case with personal matters, such as health etc.

As to group/collective/world changes, once enough individuals attune to Us, the need for even contemplating Spiritual Intervention would be unnecessary: There would be no event to change.

Q. How do we know what the Creator’s will is and how to follow it?

SF: By starting with yourself and reviewing what you know to be right, pure, true and good in your thinking, your interactions with others and your moral and conscious values. That is the ‘Temple’ within that we call the Home of Truth. We can’t come into a ‘house’ of denial, deceit, false values, compensations for one’s faults but scathing at the attitude of others. When a person has Purity of Mind, the Truth lives there. And again, when a majority of the collective attune this way, so the Kingdom has come and the Will has been done.

Q. Do we actually get help from above in any form and how do we ask for it?

SF: In a similar way that We answered Allen, yes and no. ‘Above’ is not external to a person. ‘Above’ is the respect a person has for what We are referring to as ‘Truth’. It is within. Talk to yourself. Pose a question of a serious nature, then ask yourself ‘What would my most honest, purest, most loving Friend say in relation to this?’

It takes time but because you are calling on Truth, in time Truth will answer you. Write down the answers, no matter how obvious or simple they may sound. Keep them. And in years to come, read back at how awesome the answers were.

Pete:  My first encounters I later turned into a song:

Q. What will tomorrow bring, snow or sunshine.

A. Sky’s blue, as frost is due, but tomorrow will be fine.

Q. What will I find to eat, the cupboard’s almost bare.

A. Look hard, and soon you’ll find something will be there.

All Questions and Answers relating to the Split Soul System are at this Blog:

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    1. My pleasure Christine. I am told by my Spirit Friends that next year, especially the second half, will bring a lot of clarity to what They have been passing on to us, not just through me, but through other evolved mediums. Pete


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