Before I start with this review of previous predictions, last Saturday night 16th May, I had two visions:

1) The first was a very long vision involving China and the Dalai Lama. Initially it started with a scene of a subway or similar and I was viewing from the top of an escalator. Lots of people were busily moving close together and wearing heavy clothing. There was no virus distancing so it could be an indication of a time coming.

Next scene was of a famine with the feeling of China, Mongolia and/or Tibet.

The Dalai Lama colours were very prominent in the background scene. The face of an old man, a mystic that reminded me of India, first came into view but then faded into a vague scene, first of Xi-Jinping, the Dalai Lama’s glasses and then the Dalai Lama.

Next I was in a beautiful regal room decked out in the Dalai Lama’s colours. The very old man, from the beginning of the vision, slowly made his way from the left to the right of my vision. He was badly humped over and struggled to make the journey across the hall. He approached a Chinese envoy of Xi-Jinping who greeted him cordially. The old mad then gave the envoy a parchment, document or some other floppy material. I had a sense of reconciliation and very good will. I then had the feeling of the first half of next year but am not sure what part of the vision that time frame refers to. I assume I’ll be receiving more on this in my next time with my Spirit Friends.

2) The second vision was a quick flash of a Chinese American scientist putting on a special type of white coat/gown. I’m not sure if it was bulky or just difficult to put on.

I had the feeling it was a serious positive step towards the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope to get more on this later.


It was when addressing a Spiritualist gathering back in 2011 I first delivered a message from my Spirit Friends that indicated the world was heading into a time of peril and serious upheaval.

On-line psychics and others at that time were telling us we were about to enter the Golden Years, Nirvana, Heaven on earth, the return of Jesus and an all in all time of total prosperity.

Even to this day, with the pandemic killings, the total mess that is America, the Brexit disaster still not sorted and a world recession greater than the thirty’s depression at our door, I’m treated as a leper by many from that Spiritualist gathering who would have rather had a ‘Light and Love’ message rather than the truth. 

Sadly, it’s the lot of a psychic medium who holds no punches and tells it as it is received. To sugar coating the truth, as many would rather have, means it is no longer the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

And so now, as I come to review what Spirit has given through me, inclusive of and since 2011, I wonder how many people took heed and are now prepared for what is to come.

I have truncated many sections of the predictions or I’d have ended up with a very long Blog. You can return to the actual Blogs to read the full content and context because I’ll quote from the particular Blog and given the relevant number.

From Blog One comes the predictions for 2011 and onwards:

1) Technological expansion will continue to slow down and world trading will be on knife edge. The two super passenger jets currently in production are America and European, and both will face serious difficulties. There will be no major technological developments in land, sea or air vehicles. Old technologies will be retuned.

Conservative Governance procrastination will slow new developments in the areas of electricity generation and storage. Old coal, oil or gas burning generation will continue.

2) Poverty and cost of living will make it impossible for many to survive and suicide rates will dramatically increase.

3) Interests in ideals, dreams, expansion and progressive movements, along with moral and spiritual/religious fairness will fade, replaced with fearful aggressive fundamentalist conservatism.

4) Two Australian born are headline news now. Julian Assange will be reduced to impotency and the other will control the (next) President. (Originally I had American Government as I consider the President’s position as the primary overriding forces.)

5) China, India and Russia are the expanding forces, in greater and lesser degrees. America will become unstable, unreliable and openly hostile to it’s own and to the world in general. Though world governments will continue to support the US openly, there will be a slow move away from the insecure US.

6) Lying leaders and Government will become the norm, especially with the status of their economies.

7) Civil war and toppling of governments is very likely, especially in the US and Britain towards the end of this ten year period (2020/21).

8) Social contact (social media) full of lies and false information will make it extremely difficult for the average person to find the truth.

BLOG 5  Sat 31st August 2019

Spirit Friends:

1) The world cannot continue the way it is. A destruction is coming for the world family. Though the rich will trying to hold onto power, this destruction will have no favourites.

2) The Aquarian Age will put people before possessions, which will mean restrictions and limitations on scarce resources becoming the norm.

BLOG 6 Sat 7th Sept 2019

Pete: Concerning the doldrums we’ve encountered these past few months, are we on the threshold of a storm?

Spirit Friends: The call will be The Devil’s, and the Devil must have his day.

We cannot over ride the will of the majority of people and what they ask for.

Civilisation will become dramatically reduced as the world itself changes in temperature, climate and the availability to sustain those left.

What you are writing here now is also being spread throughout the world from other conduits, mediums and channellers. And more individual people will be channelling this Truth as the New Age grows stronger.

BLOG 8 Sat 21st Sept

Spirit Friends: The first major area of concern will (cause) the crumbling of the world economy, which has already started, but those that know are not telling for fear of a run on the Banks and financial establishments.

It won’t matter who wins the next Presidential election, the damage will take a very long time to sort out. The cases against the culprits will be held up in court proceedings for a long time. This will compound the rising of citizens spilling out into the streets with a form of civil war inevitable.

The US Presidential Election is very difficult to call because there is so much upheaval coming. After December this year, will come news concerning Trump and health, and in particular, the early stages of a serious disease.

(NOTE: In the original, I interpreted the serious disease as relating to Trump personally when it was relating to the pandemic in the US under Trump’s Presidency.)

(At this early stage) We still see the President as a Democrat. A woman, either Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren are front runners for President or Vice President. 

As We’ve said previously, serious matters will sway the voter outcome and so by the middle of 2020 we hope to have a better prediction for you and your readers.


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  1. I read your blog and I read it again and again, i find it always very interesting and I am glad that you say,
    the truth only truth, not sugarcoated. I saved all your blogs and when I have time, I come back with comments.


    1. Hi Pete
      Looking forwards to your next blog.
      Hope there is a dash of light as lock down eases but we,your followers, know you will give the truth as you and spirit see it.
      Kindest regards
      Chris (England)


      1. Hello Chris, I should have the next blog ready in a couple of hours. It has been a very busy week for me this week so apologies for the lateness of posting.
        I would LOVE to be able to say the future is ‘fine and mild with occasional showers’, but even as I was preparing this current Blog, another prediction is starting to happened with the choking of the black unarmed American and the civil unrest that has, so far, followed. A civil war for the US is inevitable and the shock wave from something that bad will hit all nations of the world. Thank you for your support. Pete


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