Spirit Friends: Until the people of the globe becomes aware that the world is a fragile place, and start attuning to their Spirit Friends for guidance, the inevitable will be their reality. (BLOG 10 28th September)

One of the reasons why I was reluctant to do predictions, quite a few years ago now, was the dates and times variations. Often I’d put something relating to one year, but it ended up happening a year or two later.

In this Blog I’m highlighting a series of predictions from 2018 and 2019. Some have happened, some in part and others that I feel are still to come.

In Blog 18, December 2018:

These predictions I believe have been spot on:

1) The immediate, primary and ongoing concentration will centre on the US and in particular Donald Trump’s Presidency, his interactions with world leaders concerning trade and trade agreements, his stubbornness to compromise with (other nations), and his continuing creation of instability in the White House.

2) Retaliation from the conservative right media, especially against Mueller’s Special Council, pushes a further divide between the pro and anti conservative supporters.

3) Mueller’s Special Council itself will face serious, though ill founded allegations, and as was the case in 2018, numerous attempts will be tried to close the investigation down. He and his Special Council will not be closed down.

4) May and beyond seems to be quite significant concerning action from Mueller relating to Trump and his family.

5) Even though there will seem to be enough damaging proof against Trump, enough for his removal or impeachment, it will not come to fruition this coming year. The American people won’t get their satisfaction from the Mueller investigation till at least 2020.

6) His mental instability will become more obvious, with calls for him to undergo an independent psychiatric assessment, which he will refuse.

7) The House of Representatives hearings will also be damaging for Trump, his family and the Republicans generally, but will not conclude this year.

8) Trump’s tweets will increase dramatically to incite his supporters against Peloci and Schumer, as the Democrats plead for sanity.

9) Trump’s treatment of the new Congress and in particular Nancy Peloci will be his primary focus for insults and bullying attacks.

I don’t believe these predictions have happened, or at least in their fullness as yet.

1) Shock and awe, with sudden and unexpected resignations, charges of corruption of the very highest in businesses, financial institutions, and the different Government branches within the US.

2) Revelations from Robert Mueller’s Special Council will have the US reeling by the time we reach the 2020’s.

3) People, like God, are slow to anger. But as the Truth becomes more evident, the corruption more obvious, and the reality a strong and constant thread through all of humanity, change will come. How violent that reaction is not yet known. (I wonder now if this may refer to the Black Deaths In Custody cases that seem to be never ending in the US)

5) As public outcries for the Republicans to confront Trump increase through the year, splits within their Party begin to increase with some cautiously sliding towards the Democrat’s perspective when it comes to legislature.

6) Within the first few months of 2019, the Democratic machine’s previously prepared multi pronged confrontation with Trump, start in earnest and as the year progresses, the Democrat hearings and investigations will start causing consternation in the heartland of the Republican party, it’s supporters and in particular the source of money the party has been receiving.

7) The Democratic Machine will be seen as anything but weak, while the Republicans will been seen as scattered.

8) Trump will move more and more into isolation, with the old song ‘Come down, come down from your ivory tower’ ringing out in the streets.

Thank you to the many who are now regular readers of my Blog and especially those that email or comment with each entry.


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  1. What are your thoughts on the elite (Soros, Clinton’s, Obama’s, celebrities) adrenachrome, and their hatred for trump because supposedly he is bringing them down? With JFK jr by his side?


    1. Well really my thoughts are irrelevant because I am not an American. However, my Spirit Friends have repeatedly indicated that to have a ‘left’ and a ‘right’ of the same ideal is NOT conducive to a world that They encourage, or that the world is moving towards. Money, and those that support money over human care, is the enemy of the Creator. As for my small input, the world is a far bigger place than just the United States, and as the infighting continues in that country, the less relevant it is becoming to the world. And the US isn’t even a tenth the size of that larger, and faster growing world.


      1. I very much appreciate your response and thoughts. You are right, there is so much more of the world as a whole. I always tell others that feel their world is falling down, or they feel like the world is ending because bad things are happening. I tell them imagine those that are starving or homeless around the world!! They feel like that everyday, don’t complain just pray for the world and the people as a whole.


  2. Thank you El. An old priest friend of my from many years ago told me that prayer without action of a caring nature is useless. Or put another way, don’t fob off to God what God wants us to do. If each one of us were to do just one simple good deed to another each day, imagine how massive would be the result. My friends here in our Spiritual Group have often handed a cashier at a supermarket the loose change for the person ahead who starts fumbling through their purse. Others of us turn our cars into humanly occupied by waving to the drivers in cars passing us on country roads. Returning the shopping cart to the store after unloading groceries into our car is another, simple gesture of good will. Simple acts of kindness is what will change the world I believe. Pete


    1. I live in a horse and buggy mennonite community. They have shops. I had to speak up even there! There was a man checking out in front of me. There was a sign that said senior day on tues. This was Monday. The young girl at the counter maybe 16, was trying to make change for the older man in front of me and he tried to bully her! Telling her, well how smart are you? And she saying probably not that smart! He was embarrassing her and then tried to bully her into giving him a senior discount on the wrong day too, saying well I tried since you’re not too smart I could get away with it. I had to speak up and tell him and her. You know what, shes very smart I’m sure about all the things that really count, family, loyalty, spirituality, friendship etc. She had a smile from ear to ear. Imagine going in a store and picking on a young innocent by today’s standards girl.?? People frustrate me! Just be kind and when someone not kind, stick up for people. Defeat the bullies!


  3. Absolutely!! The positive deeds or gestures of us big or small could definitely change the world and fill it with so much light. Great words Pete!

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  4. hi Pete,
    for the rest of us, around the world, watching the US situation and Trump can only give us a glimpse of how wrong and destructive things can be for the people under awful government!
    I always wondered though why predictions from spirits are focusing so much on US when so many people are suffering around the world! par example Yemen children die from hunger 😢!
    Injustice in so many countries, absence of solidarity, wars for gain that create millions of refugees that nobody wants! Also the people didn’t take the lesson of nazis either and here they are again!
    The pandemic was a lesson to take too but it seems it’s another chance for profit for the rich and the people are helpless once again! I don’t know how this will end but at the moment things are not going well anywhere! Nobody seems to understand that the race, the colour, the religion are not causes to divide us but most of the governments are using this and convince the people too in order to hold on power but the people don’t seem to understand this!
    So Until a critical mass of humanity understands this and unite to change the thinking in for a righteous world only then can change the global consciousness!
    Have a nice Month 💖


    1. Hello Popi,
      If you look at the world as a whole, from a higher or broader perspective for the past eighty years, the primary ‘power’ has been the US. Prior to that it was Europe and especially Britain. WWII defused that power and so began America’s empire. Again from a higher perspective, if the power of the US is diminished, then so too could be the better chance of peace, prosperity and care for our human family. It is for this reason, I believe, Spirit is concentrating on the US. And I can tell you, the worst hasn’t even begun to manifest yet.


      1. The worst? How much worse does this have to become here? What’s the next phase of this mess? I want to come back to Australia but for now I’m stuck here in the USA. Incredible to see the fall of Rome from within…


      2. I am so sorry for all that are in the US at the moment, especially people of other nations that can’t get out. I don’t know what I’d do if I were caught there.
        Currently the US is working through the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, and coming into /August/September seems to be when the second phase of that virus begins.
        The racial unrest is anything but quelling. Civil war is next.
        And the truth concerning American’s financial status is anything but what is being said publicly.
        Severe storms, flooding, and any time now, quakes with one or two quite severe before the year’s end.
        In every sense, you are observing the fall of the New Rome.
        Trump may not be playing a fiddle, but he is as much a modern day Nero as was the old one.


  5. Pete, About your “Ivory tower” prediction, Trump went into a underground bunker due to protests in the US. I also think once things start there will be no place to hide for anybody! . The US has a long record of abuse. Abuse through police, the courts etc. As long as people deny it exists, that either it doesn’t pertain to them etc., they aren’t the group that is being targeted, it will persist! It doesn’t matter, we are all connected to each other. If you hurt others and stop being helpful, and don’t care, instead turn on the television and watch “:The Masked Singer” or something like that and try to pretend this stuff doesn’t really exist in your world. But one LIVES in the whole world. Hate spreads worse than corona virus!


    1. Totally agree with you Donna. It is a very, very sad time for the US, and in time that storm will wash all over the world. We put too much value into monetary values and commodities and not enough in human lives. The times they are a changing, but change can be a very painful thing. Pete


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