Posted Sat 22nd Jan 2022

Before I start this week’s Blog, I’d like to give you my take on the Novak Djokovic saga that played out here in Australia this past few months.

It is no secret that Novak is not a supporter of the vaccine and has said so publicly.

He applied for a special visa, as did all visiting tennis players, and passed all tests given by the Australian Tennis Association, relevant medical bodies and the Victorian State Government, where Novak had applied for the visa.

Our Federal Government is a conservative government with notable members who outwardly declare their anti vaccination stance.

In fact, right from the beginning of the pandemic, our Federal Government’s decisions were called out for being irresponsible, with too little too late, when it came to ordering enough vaccines. Something that has cost us dearly in human lives.

Novak was led to believe he had been given approval to come to Australia, but in those intervening days, the media and differing public groups, aware of the Government members being anti vax, questioned said Government’s double standard.

With an election due within the next few months, the polls going against them and the conservative media less supportive, the Conservative Liberal National Government cancelled Novak’s visa as he was flying into Australia.

I won’t go into the treatment Novak faced, after a long flight and the expectancy put upon him by the Government to rouse officials, lawyers etc in the middle of the night, with a deadline that expired before sunrise.

Suffice to say, had we had a competent Government, Novak and other non vaccinated players wouldn’t have been the original clearance.

There is no doubt, as I write this the day after he was deported, that Novak’s story won’t rest here. And neither it should.

He showed his true colours concerning his stance on the vaccine. Had our Government done the same thing, there wouldn’t be a story. Pete

Blog 19 December 14th 2019

Pete: I don’t like the feel of what we’re in for these next few years.

It is as if the world’s collective consciousness is wishing catastrophe, calamity and deadly upheaval upon us all, as we make the drastic changes the world needs to make to save the human family: A ‘rubbing of our noses in it till we wake up’.

Spirit Friends: The call will be The Devil’s, and the Devil must have his day.

We cannot over ride the will of the majority of people and what they ask for.

Civilisation will become dramatically reduced as the world itself changes in temperature, climate and the availability to sustain those left.

Spirit Friends: What you are writing here now is also being spread throughout the world from other conduits, mediums and channellers. And more individual people will be channelling this Truth as the New Age grows stronger.

Spirit Friends: The crumbling of the world economy has already started, but those that know are not telling for fear of a run on the Banks and financial establishments.

Britain’s Brexit will continue to destabilise all involved.

Pete: Sun 9.45pm 8th Dec 2019

At first I thought I was looking at a building on it’s side. Then it was erect and I distinctly got the words street and wall = Wall Street.

As I stared up from the street into the walls of buildings, I saw a tsunami wave completely destroy the building on the left and the scene faded. Stock market crash?

Spirit Friends: The full implications of the Donald Trump Presidency will eventually rock the US, and then the world. He will only serve one term. He will not be elected again. News concerning early stages of a serious disease.

Spirit Friends: America will have a series of factional, rather than another Civil War, and over a longer period of time. Presidents/Congress will be powerless.

Spirit Friends: A major quakes in the US covering an area from Yellowstone, Idaho, Soda Springs and right up to the Canadian border, could occur any time from this year through into 2022. And the longer it takes, the more severe it will be.

Spirit Friends: 22nd Aug 2019

A momentous upsurge in the Pacific will cause the rising up of land masses and the swallowing up of at least one islander community. This will start in the near future and crescendo over a few months. It will be a world changer.

Pete: The prediction of a new island appears in the west Pacific, possibly north east of Vanuatu/Tonga, is still on the books Spirit says. Signs are already starting to show of this forthcoming event around the Pacific Rim.

More deadly earthquakes coming for South East Asia, Italy, Greece, East Coast South Africa: Madagascar.

Pete: Tues 9.30pm 10th Dec 2019

(I had a visual:) Someone in overpowering golden attire, similar to Queen Elizabeth I.

First came a flash of Prince Andrew and then Prince Charles. The interpretation seemed to be that the Queen is moving on.

The flash image of the two Princes gave me the impression that there was trouble and turmoil in the royal family and I took it as the (beginning of the) end of the British throne and royalty.


From Blog 109:

“Spirit Friends: A new extremely contagious infection with serious side effects will strike the world from as early as late 2022, through 2023 and into 2024. It will be especially dangerous for young children and will be hard to diagnose until it’s too late. Human to domestic animals and back to humans is how it starts.”

Hong Kong: A pet shop employee has tested positive for the Delta variant on Monday, after handling several hamsters imported from the Netherlands that tested positive.

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