29th Jan 2022

Here are a few more QandA’s from a regular reader

Austin: In late 2022 is the US economy shutting down again?

Spirit Friends: The world’s economy has been quite unstable since the crash of 2008. The world has been living on borrowed money and so a major fall is over due. This year will see more instability and worrying news, especially in the US, from mid year and on for the rest of the year.

Austin: If you’ve had covid are you ok with this one?

Spirit Friends: Omicron is attacking those that have had the shots plus booster, and who have previously had Covid and survived. This new variant, coming towards the end of the year and onwards, will be worse and more deadly. Even with isolation, separation, masks and hand sanitising, there will be those that will still get infected.

Austin: What does Spirit say we can do to ready ourselves?

Spirit Friends: Tune into us via meditation and let us Guide you personally through all that will be heading your way in the world over the next few years.

Pete: I have given a link to this meditation at the end of this Blog.

And so this leads us onto this week’s Blog, which continues on from the end of Blog 104 that also dealt with the Three Fives Meditation.


So now for those of you that have been practising the meditation from Blog 104, that I posted back in 28th November, how many of you noticed a change within from how you felt from before you started the meditation?

I have received some comments via emails that indicates a few of you have had different experiences so far.

TJK: I found it really hard to keep my mind still, but I’ve only been doing it a couple of times.

SajaM: Distractions kept bringing me back into consciousness, but it was good while it lasted. I think I’ll have more luck when I get serious with it after Christmas has passed.

JanineC: I have always had trouble with meditations but I tried this one anyway. I can’t say that the voices from Heaven had me in awe, in fact all I got was silence. But I have been trying over the past month, when I remembered, and yes, there is a kind of inner peace there that wasn’t before.

JamiK: (Shortened version) Pre Christmas time was much sadness: Covid deaths, serious family disputes. Impossible to meditation. New Year’s day started meditation seriously. Natural environment created perfect mood. Best thing I have ever tried. Thank you Pete

I would like more feed back from those of you who have been trying the meditation for at least a few weeks, and with your permission, I’ll add your comments to the up coming Blogs of that time. That way, I can add comments from my Spirit Friends, or myself to the mix.

This will then create discussion that obviously will be of help to others who may be needing support in their early days of meditations. 

What I have been sharing, in the different Blogs that relate to meditations, is more generic: I obviously don’t know what specifics an individual may be expecting.

As an example, if a person is trying to develop psychic skills via meditation, but has had no previous psychic experiences, then they would no doubt, like to hear of similar experience from other in the same situation. By sharing your experience, difficulties, time variants etc, my Spirit Friend and I can be more specific to the many variants people will be experiencing.

For those of you that receive messages in meditation, out of the blue or in dream state I’d suggest you keeping a note book, (or computer/electronic device record), of whatever comes to you as a possible prediction. Date and time them so that you can easily return to them at a later date.

Here is an example …. and I think I just made it up ….. At least I hope so:

7th April 2022: Earthquake (This being the date you received the message)

And then jot down the feelings first, and explanation second:

Saw a mushroom cloud forming over an island, very cloudy and hard to see.

Then put your interpretations:

Felt it was a Pacific Island and had the feeling it was cool, so I felt it was southern hemisphere winter time. The month of May came to mind.

Even with the most unassuming of ‘predictions’, write them down anyway.

Then in a couple of weeks, or even longer, return and re read what you have written. Many times I would receive a ‘second layer’ of information at these times, or alternatively, given expansions to that previous information, often in a way that completely changed my original perception.

Again as an example:

19th April 2022: Earthquake Update

I saw the same vision as before, only this time I was closer to the action and the volcano seemed to have a number of different heads. This is no small eruption.

If, in 12 months time, you find none or even just one prediction has occurred, don’t despair. Like me, you could be receiving information for a time ahead.

Also you are in beginner mode: And so is your Guidance team. Yes They are in learning curve mode as well.

Keep the notes and keep meditating.

By basing Truth, Honesty and Purity of mind, whether with the meditation my Spirit Friends shared, or with other meditations you feel work for you towards this intention, you are in line for the Pouring that is coming our way, as we move further into this New Aquarian Age.

So can you see what is happening? Can you see where this is leading to?

In tuition, that is, teaching from within.

This new Aquarian Age will eventually open humankind up to a level of Wisdom, Knowledge, Love and Truth from the Highest Calibre that will pour out like pure water, not just though a selected few, as has been the case in this past Pisces age, but through all who choose to live a pure, unadulterated, honest, peaceful and truthful life.

The source of this ‘Pouring’ is Creation, and it comes to us via the Creator’s Helpers: Our own Guides, or Spirit Friends. Some will give you a Name, others, like my Guides will present as a Collective. They are all receivers from the Source.

And just as a thought in closing, how much of what you know has come from outside sources, (including education, internet, reading, TV etc) and how much is knowledge you can’t recall the source of? Even when you have tried to track down the source, you can’t find it.

How much of what has been invented, discovered or found came totally out of nowhere, from the scientists perspective? Everything must have a source.

Imagine the enormity of what we could have if we recognised the Source for what It truly is, instead of assuming ‘it just came out of thin air into my imagination.”

To quote the Moody Blues: “We are on the threshold of a dream.”

However, as the Yardbird’s – Shapes Of Things stated:

“Soon, I hope that I will find
Thoughts deep within my mind,
That won’t disgrace my kind.”

The future world is our choice. Bobby Dylan was right, The Times They ARE a Changin’.

Pete: Here is the link to the Three Five Meditation that my Spirit Friends gave me to share:

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